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A network of excellent limousine and chauffeur service providers.

A network of excellent limousine and chauffeur service providers. The idea is simple: together we are stronger and can offer a much broader service. Not just in Germany, but across borders. To this end, we set ourselves high quality standards so that our passengers can enjoy a consistent and high-quality chauffeur service.

QLimo – the quality limousines network – is an ever growing network comprised of seasoned entrepreneurs from the transportation sector. We followed our customers wish for unified booking standards and consistent levels of quality and formed a network which is capable of providing high-class chauffeur- and limousine services, in Germany and most European metropolitan areas and, thanks to our expansive network, worldwide.


Higher standards in personal transportation services.

You have even higher standards? Welcome to QLimo! We love challenges and see the customer at the heart of our business. Without compromise. We guarantee a service that is held to the highest standards. We always strive for perfection. Providing you with a one-stop-solution with extensive service coverage all over Germany as well as internationally sets us apart from our competitors.


Planing tools.

High-quality service begins with good communication and professional treatment of assignments. In order to achieve this all QLimo locations use the same, state-of-the art software solution. This provides a unified and intelligent workflow with a high degree of automation. The result: a swift processing of your orders without errors. Additionally, the system complies with the highest standards of data security.


Years of limousine and chauffeur experience.

Qlimo is not a startup. It was founded by seasoned professionals, each specialized in a different area of business and with years of experience. The motif for founding the network was the firm belief that together we can achieve more. Our goal is to lead the way in quality of service and technological innovations. We are well on our way, that’s a promise!


Well trained and chosen chauffeurs.

We pride ourselves in selecting only highly qualified, well-experienced and well-trained personnel. All our drivers speak English fluently, many of them an additional foreign language. On principle, we demand excellent knowledge of the local area. Often, our drivers have a background in the service industry and they have a suit & tie-dress code. Of course, we comply with the usual mandatory security checks and see to the annual renewal of safe-driving-trainings.


Well QLimos operative locations have agreed to comply with the highest guidelines.

  • All national laws and regulations regarding the commercial transportation of passengers will be complied with.
  • All vehicles have sufficient insurance and are licensed for passenger.
  • All vehicles are serviced according to national standards and undergo regular security checks.
  • All legal guidelines regarding the safety and health of our staff are adhered to.


Industry experts – our experience for your success

Robert Dix

Portrait of the QLimo CEO Mr. Robert Dix.

Managing Director

Dominic Grafmüller

Portrait of the QLimo GCEO Mr. Grafmüller.

Managing Director

Franz Kraus

Portrait of the QLimo CEO Mr. Kraus.

Managing Director

Alexander Kraus

Portrait of the QLimoCEO Mr. A. Kraus.

Managing Director
Information Technology

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