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QLimo worldwide Limousine and Chauffeur Service

Why to choose QLimo?

QLimo Limousine Service is an association of 18 limousine and chauffeur service companies in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands. And through our international network we offer worldwide limousine service.

The advantages of QLimo

QLimo makes it easier for customers to plan passenger transport services. Our network enables us to offer optimised routes and chauffeur services throughout Europe. We also coordinate worldwide journeys for our customers. Quality chauffeur services from a single source.

Our Network stations

Baden Baden

ELS Executive Limousine Service GmbH 


United Limousines AG 


Kreisel® Dresden GmbH 


United Limousines AG 


Schneider Chauffeurservice 


German Limousines Network GmbH & Co. KG 


Phaeton GmbH 


Bodensee-Limousinenservice GbR


BGS Exclusive Limousines



Cologne | Köln

United Limousines AG 


Blue Car Leipzig

Munich | München

Bavaria Limousines GmbH & Co. KG 


ZLS Limousinen Service GmbH 

The Netherlands


Vienna | Wien


Geneva | Genf

Elite Rent-a-Car SA

Zurich | Zürich



We make sure that every trip is comfortable

Our association is committed to the highest quality standards in passenger transport. All drivers have extensive training and plenty of experience as chauffeurs.

It goes without saying that our drivers speak at least English and are available to provide passengers with a high-quality service.

QLimo Quality Services​

We offer limousine service for special occasions and special passengers.​

Airport Transfer

What is supposedly just a small procedure took years of refinement behind the scenes. We have constantly improved the quality of our airport-transfer. Now aided by our technology we have undoubtedly new standards. An automated flight-tracking-system has been developed specifically for us. 

Event Transportation

Good preparation is the cornerstone of success. From detailed logistical planning of transportation to online-interfaces for booking systems to teams on-site:

Roadshow Service

Roadshows are a challenge. Be it an 8 investor-meetings in one day or 25 store-checks in 5 cities over 3 days. In any case we meticulously prepare and plan for the details that matter.
Roadshows are a challenge. Be it an 8 investor-meetings in one day or 25 store-checks in 5 cities over 3 days. In any case we meticulously prepare and plan for the details that matter.

Business Trips

Business trips can be very stressful. Finding a car hire company at the airport, queuing until you get the car keys and then looking for the vehicle on the car park deck.

Finding the right route in an unfamiliar city, getting stuck in a traffic jam and watching time slip away until an important meeting.

VIP Service

Whether pop star, film star, politician, celebrity guest or CEO. These people are successful and well-known thanks to their skills. The lifestyle of these people is reflected in their demands on chauffeur services.

Leisure + Sightseeing

Our leisure trips are not only popular with families or couples. Why not surprise your business partners with a short city tour followed by dinner? Show them the sights of your home country and give a business meeting a very special personal touch that all participants will remember.

First-class limousine service and experienced chauffeurs.

Welcome to the QLimo network

Our business chauffeur service network is ideal for business travelers in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria who value time savings and reliability. Our private chauffeur service gives you the opportunity to enjoy your free time to the fullest without having to worry about traffic and navigation. Our limousine service providers all look back on many years of passenger transportation experience and have joined forces in QLimo for this reason.

We all also offer a meet and greet service at the airport, so you can navigate through the arrivals hall quickly and easily when you use our airport transfer service.

If you want to explore a city, we also offer a city tour service. Our experienced chauffeurs will show you the best sights in the city and give you interesting background information.

Our Limousine Service Network QLimo is also ideal for special occasions such as roadshows or corporate events. Contact us today to make your reservation.

Booking a chauffeur and limousine service in Europe can be highly advantageous for various reasons. Here are some key benefits:

Comfort and Luxury

Chauffeur and limousine services offer a level of comfort and luxury that is unparalleled. Traveling in a well-maintained and spacious limousine provides a superior experience compared to regular transportation options.


Chauffeurs are trained professionals who prioritize your safety and comfort. They are knowledgeable about local routes and traffic conditions, ensuring a smooth and efficient journey. Their professionalism adds a touch of class to your travel experience.

Time Efficiency

Navigating unfamiliar cities or regions can be time-consuming and stressful. Chauffeur services help save time by taking care of the driving, allowing you to focus on other important matters or simply enjoy the scenery.


Booking a chauffeur service provides convenience, especially for business travelers. The service offers door-to-door transportation, eliminating the need to wait for taxis or navigate public transportation systems.

Stress-Free Travel

Eliminating the stress of driving, finding parking, and dealing with traffic allows you to relax and enjoy your journey. This is particularly beneficial for tourists who want to make the most of their time exploring a new destination.


Chauffeur services prioritize safety, with professionally trained drivers and well-maintained vehicles. This is especially crucial when traveling in unfamiliar areas or late at night.

Customized Services

Many chauffeur services offer personalized and customizable experiences. Whether it’s arranging for specific amenities in the limousine or tailoring the route to include specific landmarks, these services cater to individual preferences.

Impression for Special Occasions

Using a chauffeur and limousine service adds a touch of sophistication and elegance, making it an ideal choice for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, or business events. Arriving in a chauffeured limousine creates a lasting impression.

Multilingual Drivers

In Europe, where multiple languages are spoken, many chauffeur services provide drivers who are fluent in various languages. This can be especially helpful for international travelers who may not be familiar with the local language.

Availability and Flexibility

Chauffeur services are often available 24/7, providing flexibility for travelers with varying schedules. This availability ensures that you have reliable transportation whenever you need it.

In summary, booking a chauffeur and limousine service in Europe offers a combination of comfort, convenience, safety, and luxury, making it a practical choice for both business and leisure travelers.

Our Fleet of chauffeured cars

Mercedes Benz S-Class and E-Class limousines

Mercedes Benz Luxury Van

Mercedes Benz VIP Sprinter

Mercedes Benz G-Class SUV

Mercedes Benz Business Class Bus and Luxury Bus

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Why Choose QLimo

First-class limousine service from highly motivated partner companies.

We are a network of companies that offer limousine and chauffeur services to high standards. For this reason, we have committed our network to maintaining these high standards for our customers and passengers. This enables us to ensure that all vehicles and drivers provide a consistent quality of service.

All the companies in the network are successful with their services and we regularly exchange ideas on how to improve these services or develop innovations in passenger transport. In this way, we work together to improve the digitalisation of customer enquiries, exchange information on optimal processes and develop new solutions.


Professional Car Driver​


Fixed Price and conditions


Fast Car Delivery Service​


Luxury Limousine Selection​

This is what our customers say about us


Thank you very much, great service. Punctual and reliable.

James Oliver​ Birkenstead


Thanks to Qlimo, my roadshow in Frankfurt was a complete success. The driver was very friendly and courteous.

Rosalee Mueller
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