Ihr Business kennt keine Grenzen, aber auf Geschäftsreisen können Sie sich Abenteuer nicht leisten

All in good time, but on your business-trip to foreign lands with exotic names there is no room for surprises. On the contrary. Nowadays, arriving safely, comfortably and without stress is an important element of business-travels. With its worldwide availability of limousine-services, QLimo is the ideal partner for you. We have tested and improved our worldwide network for many years. Your benefit: A seamless travel-experience on all continents and in over 600 cities worldwide. Plus, our network is constantly growing.

A blank spot on your map? Just contact one of our specialists at QLimo. We will find a solution. Qlimo CEO Ralf Rehder: „Maintaining a network of partner companies that spans the whole world is a challenging, never ending task. The customer of today has an ever-growing demand for quality and safety. Time is money and we are there to prevent the customer from wasting time. Most of all however we want to give the customer a feeling of being taken care of. Our customers can trust us to take our responsibility seriously”.


Geschäftsreise, Privatreise oder Event. Wir liefern Chauffeurservices nach Ihrem Bedarf. Weltweit.
Chauffeured Limousine Service

Transfer Services

QLimo Flughafentransfer oder Point-to-Point


Event Transportation

Personentransport und Logistik Weltweit

Limo Service


Eine QLimo Roadshow ist Präzisionsarbeit

Premium Chauffeured Limousine Service


6 Kontinente, 60 Länder, 600 Städte