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The Czech Republic is a small landlocked country in Central Europe It is home to old manors including religious communities and amazing distinguished homes. Engineering and chronicled structures are the features that make the Czech Republic a fantastic place to visit. Prague is a blend of history, culture, emotion, nightlife, brilliance, and moderateness that separates it from some other city you have ever invested significant time and energy in. Historical ambiance, fantastic architecture, beer, and unfathomable Gothic horizons will make you hopelessly enamored.

Vaclav Havel Airport Prague (IATA: PRG) in the past Prague Ruzyně International Airport is an international airport of Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. In 2018 it served around 17 million passengers (anticipating 18 million in 2019). It fills in as a center for Czech Airlines just as a base for Smartwings and is likewise a base for a low-cost airline, Ryanair.

Start your journey in the best way, that suits your class and style. With Qlimo service, hire a limo or rental coach at the Vaclav Havel Airport Prague (IATA: PRG), and reach your destination in form. Getting into hiring an airport cab or a tour service for your journey is so not your style, and we definitely want your image to be maintained. You can hire us in such an easy-peasy manner, just add your information on our website, make an advance payment, leave rest on you and us enjoy your flight with no worry of carrying your luggage at the airport and looking out for a cab. Our drivers and tourist guides are trained by professionals, and our cars are maintained in the best way.

Qlimo is known to be efficient with its variety of service options including, guided tours, airport transfers, limousine service, roadshows and transportation management for events. Qlimo is an all in one service as it is synonymous to convenience!


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