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Italy is located at the center of South Europe. Italy contains probably the most varied and beautiful scenes on Earth and is frequently known as a nation resembling a boot. Milan isn’t a  place that springs to mind for a weekend trip in Italy. It is dominated by its attractive neighbors Florence, Venice, and Verona. However, it has a lot of stuff to see including stylishly modern locales, upmarket eateries and lavish historical centers and museums. Milan is a city that is shockingly cool despite its mechanical notoriety.

Milan Malpensa Airport (IATA: MXP) is the most significant global air terminal in the Milan metropolitan zone in northern Italy. It is found 49 kilometers northwest of central Milan, besides the Ticino stream. Milan Linate Airport (IATA: LIN) is one of the three air terminals that associates Milan with the rest of the world and the second biggest, after Milan Malpensa Airport (IATA: MXP).

Get where you’re going in solace and style from the Milan Malpensa Airport (IATA: MXP) and the Milan Linate Airport (IATA: LIN) through Qlimo airport transfer, coach rental and limousine service. Qlimo is the best supplier of  limousines and caoches at the Milan Malpensa Airport (IATA: MXP) and the Milan Linate Airport (IATA: LIN), taking customers to any destination in Milan, Italy. Milan Malpensa Airport (IATA: MXP) and the Milan Linate Airport (IATA: LIN) limousine service is our specialty. Regardless of whether you need a fast and safe limo to air terminal ride or need a calm drive to your home or hotel, or a guided tour to the whole city, you’ll cherish the trip you take with Qlimo. We know getting into Milan, Italy all alone can be furious: traffic, vulnerability about different drivers, and perplexity about the best route to your destination. However, with Qlimo, be assured that you will arrive securely and on time at your important events and destinations!


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