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The United States is a beautiful country located in North America. It verges on Canada toward the north and Mexico toward the south and has a land territory of about 9.6 million km2.  Los Angeles authoritatively the City of Los Angeles and commonly known by its initials L.A., is the most crowded city in California and the second most crowded city in the United States, after New York. With an expected populace of four million, Los Angeles is the social, financial, and business centre of Southern California.

Los Angeles Airport (IATA: LAX), otherwise called LAX Airport is the principle worldwide air terminal serving the Greater Los Angeles Area and furthermore the territory of California. The air terminal is situated in southwestern Los Angeles, 12 miles from Downtown Los Angeles. Are you travelling to Los Angeles Airport (IATA: LAX), the busiest airport of Los Angeles? Whether you are travelling with a company or alone, we warn you to get an airport cab booked beforehand!

We don’t mean to terrify you, but it is more of a challenge to get at the Los Angeles Airport (IATA: LAX), as it is much crowded, and you would not want your family and friends dispersed at the airport for cabs. Plus, Los Angles has so much to offer why waste time at the airport?  To help you out, Qlimo provides travelling service, which is not only affordable but is also safe as well. Qlimo is the other name of convenience!!! Imagine the convenience you get by merely landing at the airport and get going onto your journey!! With guided tours, transportation management for events or a simple pick and drop at your important meeting, Qlimo has all the options you need!!


  • Limousine Service
  • Chauffeur Service
  • Airport Transfer
  • Guided City Tours
  • Roadshows
  • Transportation Management for Events
  • Coach Rental


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