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Turkey is a perfect holiday destination loaded up with delightful shorelines, archaeological wonders, chronicled destinations, and friendly individuals. It is one of the famous travel places for explorers hoping to sink themselves in an alternate culture, that does not hurt their sustenance. Istanbul, an exciting city, based on two Continents, partitioned by the Bosphorus Strait. This is one of the best urban areas on the planet where you can see a cutting-edge western city joined with a customary eastern town, it’s a mixture of numerous human advancements and distinctive individuals.

Istanbul Airport is authoritatively called Atatürk International Airport (IATA: IST), after the originator of current Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.  Atatürk International Airport (IATA: IST) is 24 kilometers southwest of Istanbul, in the European part.

If you want to mark the start of your journey in Istanbul, Turkey, in a troublesome and unbearable manner, why not depend on the airport cab? But No one wants to spoil their journey, right?

Finding the vehicle of your choice at the crowded airport corridor, calling an old little taxi, having language barriers, cab drivers’ worst driving style and no consideration of your mood and travel, can make your trip distressing and horrendous.

Do you want to begin your journey as soon as your fight lands? Are you looking for a coach rental and guided tour service?

Qlimo makes your trip simple offering the accommodation of a rental coach and driver, guaranteeing you get from the Atatürk International Airport (IATA: IST) to any destination in Istanbul, securely, and serenely.


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Sebastian Gottschalk, Melanie Naujoks

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    Enjoy QLimo Quality Standards Wherever You Travel

    Limousine airport pickups in 45 minutes

    Free wait time

    No need to be in a hurry. All airport pickups include 45 minutes free wait time, all other pickups include 15 minutes.

    Limousine 12 hrs Free cancellation

    12 hrs Free cancellation

    Change of plans? Don’t worry; changes can be made at any time. Cancellations are free until 12 hours prior to the pickup.

    Limousine all Inclusive Rates

    All Inclusive Rates

    Be assured that all taxes, tolls and fees are included. We don’t charge night- and weekend

    Limousine Fully Licensed Operators

    Fully Licensed Operators

    Be on the safe side with vetted and trained drivers and fully insured vehicles. QLimo is a network of established and fully licensed operators.


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